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    Born and raised in Maryland, Lauren, 30, is a Frederick local with a passion for expressing energy and feeling through various mediums of art. Artistic and musical from a young age, Lauren has always been creating and performing. As a teenager, she was inspired by her teacher Connie Jimenez, who encouraged her to explore her world through photography and drawing.

    In her collegiate days, her passion for the arts took a more direct path into music. She graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance from Frostburg State University in 2014. Her choice of electives were language and art, as she minored in Spanish and thoroughly enjoyed art history. Although she pursued music, her heart was drawn to painting.

    In 2016, Lauren began drawing symmetrical line art and in 2017, picked up watercolors as a therapeutic pastime. She then graduated to acrylic and oils, as she found that watercolor was not conducive for what she wanted to convey. She is currently self-taught in the mediums she uses; occasionally dabbling in digital art as well.

    Lauren’s works touch on impressionism and abstract expressionism. Her paintings consistently follow a color trend of contrasting variations of reds and blues, with a tendency toward fast-paced strokes and transitions of light and dark - enhanced with visual and material texture. Interestingly, if viewed with 3D glasses, her art expresses an additional dimension, unseen with the naked eye.

    Lauren is married and lives with her husband, baby boy, cat and dog. She is currently studying for her personal training certification as well as learning Brazilian Portuguese, and hopes to advance her artistic skill and experience while creating art that invokes the same feelings in her art’s observers that she feels inside herself.

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